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A Maze n things fun and entertainment for all ages
A Maze N Things

Fun and Entertainment for All Ages!
Phone: 03 5952 2283

At a Glance
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Maxi Golf
Outdoor Maze
Puzzle Island
Puzzle cafe
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Family fun
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Open 7 days a week from 10am - 5.30pm

Welcome to A Maze N Things

There’s an unusual attraction on Phillip Island, in Victoria , that is certainly making people’s heads turn. All who drive the Phillip Island Road can’t help but be mystified by the Giant Purple Tap that seemingly floats in mid air, whilst gushing out thousands of litres of water into an apparently Flooded House.
A Maze N Things is located on the Phillip Island Road, opposite the Koala Conservation Centre, 5km before Cowes.
We are open 7 days a week and can cater for individuals or any size group.

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Fun for all ages with an array of puzzle, illusions and entertainment Illusion Rooms

An amazing series of rooms purpose built to confuse the eye and the mind. Watch water flow uphill, people flying, bodies disappearing, houses being flooded or even heads being chopped off.
Guaranteed to make anyone laugh!

Puzzle Island

A new interactive world of games, illusions, puzzles and challenges. Designed to involve all ages, we know you will be entertained far beyond your expectations
Family Fun with great illusions

The Maze
With an average time of 45 minutes, (bur we have emergency exits,) our maze is a bewildering labyrinth of twisting turns, confusing dead ends and frustrated explorers.

Puzzle Café
The Puzzle Café caters for up to 80+ guests and like the rest of A Maze’N Things is full of puzzles, games and illusions. Each table in our café has an interesting novelty item from our retail area laminated into the table surface. The café provides a range of hot and cold food and beverages of all types.
Head on a platter Maxi Golf
The course is set on artificial turf with constantly changing landscaping and paving. It will challenge beginners almost as much as experienced golfers. Some of the holes are surrounded by granite boulders and Australian grasses while others are designed almost like cattle shutes with large spirals at the end that sends your balls on a long and winding journey.
Retail Shop
Our shop specialises in games and puzzles. Our range includes jigsaws, wooden, plastic, adult, family, new and traditional games. We also carry a big gift and novelty range.

Can you find yourself in the mirror maze

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A Maze'N Things

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