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Melbourne at night
Lovely Cities
Beautiful bays amounst the cliffs
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Dubli On-line Auctions

Direct marketing business opportunity.

Ground floor opportunity for short time only
Fun & easy business with the potential of ebay
DubLi is a world wide on line trading firm. It is composed of two very unique and individual business models; DubLi.com - a reverse auction portal for high level branded merchandise and DubLi Network - the business opportunity where anyone can establish their own business in a competitive market; with little if no risk

Unlike most online auctions, Dubli works on decreasing bids, "a reverse auction". To make a bid customers need to purchasing credits, then use a credit to view the current price on the item you are wishing to purchase.
Each time someone uses a credit to view the current price, it decreases. If you like the price shown you may wish to purchase the item, if not you do nothing and check the price later as it decreases. However if someone else like the price they may purchase the item before you have another look.
Dubli also offers "unique bid auctions" where the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction wins, and a shopping mall with major retailers. Each credit cost 80 cents (US) and you can buy a minimum of 10 at a time.

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The Business Opportunity

Dubli's marketing strategy
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